Why we're unique

Here’s why the Bancroft Experience makes you a better massage practitioner:

A well-rounded education. At Doggone U, LLC, you receive training in a broad range of massage modalities, giving you greater flexibility and marketability in your profession. The program is wide enough in scope and long enough in length to provide a sound theoretical background as well as a strong practical application of professional massage skills. We strive to be the benchmark in the massage education field.

Teaching the Bancroft Method™. We teach you how to administer the complete, full-body Bancroft Method, a technique so unique that it is registered with the U.S. Copyright Office. In both the human and animal massage world, our techniques and approach are unique. 


Scientific understanding. Massage is both an art and a science. Bancroft offers an exceptional science program, particularly in the field of anatomy, where our program is second to none.


Experienced instructors. Our highly trained instructors and staff bring a wealth of experience to the table.


A passion for teaching. Our instructors love what they do. Their devotion to teaching creates an ideal environment for learning.


Focus on the student. From the director on down, our staff is dedicated to helping you succeed. Extra help programs and 1-on-1 tutorials are always available.


Hands-on experience. At Bancroft, you gain invaluable practical experience by working as an intern at off-campus sites of your choosing. Directed at transferring to each student the skills of how to listen to clients and respond to clients' concerns and desires; and as health care providers, to deliver quality service and develop trust and loyalty from clients. Emphasis is put on reading animal's body language so you can deliver effective massage that is comfortable to the animal. 


A proven record of success. Our Animal Program graduates are successfully blazing the way to bringing massage into the main stream of modalities that are available to animal owners. Whether we have 2 or four legs, we are still bodies subject to the effects of gravity and general wear and tear.


Career counseling and business skills. We provide career counseling and business practice skills to enable our graduates to have a high success rate in the massage field; either in a self-employed or employed capacity.


It doesn’t stop when you graduate.  We provide continuing education for our graduates by a lecture series or by workshops in order to maintain skills to satisfy the consumer demand for animal massage.

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